Importance of Renter’s Insurance

If you are renting an apartment or a home, you will need renter’s insurance to cover your personal belongings. Your landlord’s dwelling fire policy will not cover your personal property. A renter’s insurance policy protects against losses to your personal property like clothes, computers, furniture, and electronics.
Renter’s insurances also provide liability coverage which protects you if someone is injured while in your home or if you accidentally injure someone. It pays any court judgments as well as legal expenses, up to the policy limit. Additional living expenses is another peril that may be covered under your renter’s insurance. This coverage includes cost with living somewhere else temporarily if your home becomes uninhabitable due to one of the covered perils.
In conclusion, renter’s insurance is affordable and every tenant should have this policy. This policy provides coverage for your personal belongings, whether they are in your home, car or with you while you travel on vacation. Landlords should also have their tenants get renter’s insurance since their dwelling fire policy does not cover the tenant’s personal property.

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